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Green Energy Solutions at Wholesale Prices.

As a leading South African renewable energy company, iBeam is dedicated to illuminating lives and businesses with sustainable solutions that transcend the challenges posed by conventional power disruptions.

Why Choose iBeam's Green Solutions?

Renewable Energy Option

Having your own stable and affordable power solution for the rest of your life.

Independent Power Supply

Solar & battery power energy offers assurance and independence of power supply.

Eco Friendly Solutions

Reliable source of power supply that is sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Long Term Investment

Invest in a long term renewable energy solution, go off the grid and save money.

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Tired of load-shedding?
Tailor made solutions.
Meet your families needs.


Continue without power interruptions. Reduce downtime
Increase productivity


Powering progress
Utility-scale renewable energy
For South African visionaries

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